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The Secret To ‘Adulting’ In Cape Town 💅

The Secret To ‘Adulting’ In Cape Town 💅

I mean, let's be honest adulting is hard. High School didn't exactly prepare you for those moments when you find yourself panic buying a heat-up meal at the Engen Woolies. It's 8:52 pm, got your mom's slippers on and you know you have to get back to that assignment. It's due tomorrow. Why am I like this?

So, the questions is - how do you live your best life and remain balanced? If for a moment we all agree that there isn't some lantern you can rub magically summing a genie that grants you three wishes of your desire: Abs, More Allowance and bottomless Zara. Then how do we students keep our shit together and build a life that we are proud of? Consistently tackling the everyday challenges of studying, making time for friends, family and contributing to our community.

At DigsConnect, we are making student co-living hassle-free. We understand that finding the right accommodation is more than where you stay. You want to find the right tribe where you feel a sense of belonging. We want to create environments where students can grow, together.

You've found yourself a spot. Feeling like you are starting to settle in. Go you. As the month's pass and the expectations of your degree increase, those trips to the gym before lectures start to fade and money doesn't ever see the end of the month.

That's cool you're human and we have your back with these 5 simple hacks to get your "adult" game strong:

1. Ditch the grocery store panic and rethink dinner with The Flying Pan, hearty meals delivered weekly. They also have special offers for students. You also don't have to sell your mates to afford the meals.

2. Cut the time stressing about where to take your tinder date or mate and use DealZone to find which restaurants near you have deals that won't thin the wallet.

3. If you are on the verge of a mid-student-life-crisis. Breath. Most Yoga studio's in Cape Town including Yoga life offer FREE trial weeks. So if you need to clear the head and don't have the cash. You can hit up all the different studios near your digs.

4. Markets are for the brave and not so hungover. The Biscuit Mill on a Saturday late morning is for the very brave, and the not-hungover – seating doesn't exist, elbow-room a serious commodity and parking extortionate. Ask yourself, “am I currently wearing a fedora?” If the answer is no then maybe this isn’t for you. Skip the crowds and get your digs mates out to the Newlands Forrest. Pack some snacks and hang out in the zen that the beautiful mother city offers.

5. Cape Town is a bubble. Pop it. Getting out of the city every now and then for weekends away is a game-changer. Places like the Cedarberg offer amazing spots to get away with friends and make the most of your student days.

If you're still looking for some additional motivation to get you through the semester and convince the ballies that you got this. We highly recommend checking out these podcasts: 

Let us know if you enjoyed this round of hacks, or if it was a complete waste of your time. If we get some good feedback we will keep the content flowing for each city. 

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