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3 Hacks To Improve Your Student Apartment Search In Pretoria This Summer 🤳

3 Hacks To Improve Your Student Apartment Search In Pretoria This Summer 🤳

Let us set the familiar scene. December holidays are around the corner if you can manage to make it through exams (summer is on its way baby). The beach is at the end of the tunnel, the summer bod may not be ideal but more importantly, you also need to start planning your life for next year. The hunt for the new spot begins. You’re excited to ditch the dirty roommate and find cozy student accommodation where you can thrive. 

So, there you sit with 15 Google Chrome tabs open on different websites. The fear of finding a place you can trust and actually finding the time to view the accommodation starts to creep in. Hey, don’t stress Digs has got your back. 

To maximize your efforts and save you precious time that could be better spent on things like picnics at the park, gym sessions, yoga classes, or weekend getaways. We’ve thrown together our top hacks on finding your prime student accommodation in Pretoria. While these tips are more applicable to Pretoria, they could also be applied in any other city.

Book for the near term

If you see an apartment online that you like, it is best to book an appointment to see it as soon as possible. If you book your appointment too far into the future, a few things can happen that could cause your appointment to be canceled. First, the apartment could be rented by someone else by the time you get around to see it. Second, the broker’s plans (personal or professional) may change, causing him to cancel on you.

Compare & trust your gut 

During this time you may get stood up for apartment viewing appointments, see the apartment of your choice getting snatched up at the speed of light, and meet all types of shady individuals and real estate professionals. Use platforms that you can trust like DigsConnect that curate the top student accommodation spots in Hatfield and across Pretoria. DigsConnect was started by students who realized the accommodation crisis that was happening across all Universities. It is now the largest student accommodation marketplace in South Africa and is trusted by thousands of students just like you looking for a place where they can live, and become apart of a community. 

Top searched Digs in Hatfield, Pretoria 👉 https://www.digsconnect.com/digs/search/hatfield

Be ready to make a decision

Apartments can get rented fast, especially in the summertime. This means that sometimes you won’t even have the day to think about it or check out other options. If you see a place you really like, at least ask to put down an application and show your intent.

We hope that you find these hacks helpful; If you are just starting your apartment search, don’t forget to check out the Digs spots available for rent on DigsConnect, where you can find a roommate and an apartment in one place.

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