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Your Ultimate Guide To The UCT Res Scene 🗺

Your Ultimate Guide To The UCT Res Scene 🗺

Below I have listed each of the FIRST TIER UCT residences. First tier basically just means that they are residences that first and second years are generally placed in, and they have catering options. Most of these residences are on UCT lower campus, a short Jammie ride to Upper Campus where most students have lectures. 

I'll put a star (*) next to the residences that AREN'T on lower campus. 

All of the information below is taken from the UCT website. 


Baxter Hall

Baxter Hall accommodates 233 women in mainly single rooms. Nine pavilions are grouped around two central quads with lawns, trees and park benches. Each pavilion comprises six atsof 3 – 6 rooms. The residence has DSTV, study areas and an adjacent computer lab/learning centre. Aswimming pool, gym and squash courts are nearby.


Clarinus Village (incorporating Clarendon and Carinus)*

Clarinus lies on the slopes of Devil’s Peak behind Groote Schuur Hospital, accommodating 629 studentsin single and double rooms. Clarendon houses 328 male students and Carinus 301 female students. There are four TV rooms with DSTV, a study centre for group and individual work, and a 35-station computer lab. Other facilities include a gym, vending machines and a ‘spaza shop’ which stocks essential items such as toiletries and snacks.


College House

The original College House was the first men’s residence in southern Africa and has a long tradition. Situated next door to Glenres in Main Road, Rosebank, and identified by the two lions anking the entrance gate, it houses 119 men in single and double rooms. It is close to shops and public transport.


Dullah Omar Hall

Dullah Omar Hall, annexed to Glenres, is situated on the opposite side of Main Road, Rosebank. This block accommodates 48 men and women students in one-, two- and three-bedroomed apartments. Except for the bachelor flats, all bathrooms are shared. Its location is close to the Lower Campus shuttle stop. Meals are taken at Tugwell Hall.


Fuller Hall

Fuller Hall, which houses 231 female students mostly in single rooms, is situated on the Upper Campus. Along with Smuts Hall, its brother residence, Fuller was one of the rst buildings to be erected on theGroote Schuur site in 1928, and is a national monument. Georgina’s, the co ee bar, o ers a place to relax inthe evenings as well as a venue for cultural activities.



Formerly a residential hotel, Glenres opened in 1993. It is situated on Main Road, Rosebank, next to College House, and accommodates 139 men and women. Many of the rooms have en-suite bathrooms. It is close to shops and public transport. Meals are taken at Leo Marquard Hall.


Graça Machel Hall

Graça Machel Hall is one of the newest of UCT’s residences, housing 386 female students in single and double rooms. Most first-year students are housed in double rooms. The residence is designed around three large courtyards, with rooms arranged so that 8 residents share a bathroom and a kitchenette/ lounge/communal area. These communal areas are grouped to create cores linked by stairs and provide a comfortable social space.



Kilindini is a large house on the corner of Main and Chapel Roads, Rosebank. 32 male residents are accommodated in single rooms and eat their meals at Tugwell Hall.



Kopano houses 367 male students in ve blocks, mostly in single rooms with internet connections. There are four TV rooms with DSTV, and there is also a pub.


Leo Marquard Hall

Opened in 1975, Leo Marquard Hall is located close to the Baxter Theatre and next door to Tugwell Hall. It houses 419 male students. First-year students are accommodated in double rooms. Facilities include groupstudy rooms and TV rooms with DSTV.


Rochester House*

Rochester House is a modern, purpose-built residence, situated just north of Groote Schuur Hospital. The residence consists of a number of blocks, each with single rooms and all with TV lounge access and limited kitchenette facilities.

This residence accommodates over 300 undergraduate students. Facilities include a swimming pool, functions areas, computer lab and squash courts. The Jammie Shuttle operates to the Upper and Health Sciences campuses.


Smuts Hall*

Smuts Hall, along with Fuller Hall, forms the original historic core of the Upper Campus. 236 male students are accommodated mostly in single rooms. ‘The George’ lounge is a favourite place to watch TV or a DVD, or to play pool or table tennis.


Tugwell Hall

Tugwell Hall accommodates 406 female students. First-year students share partitioned double rooms which have built-in furniture and hand basins. Most returning students are accommodated in single rooms. The Grapevine lounge is a place to relax in the evenings, and also provides a venue for cultural activities.


University House*

Originally built to accommodate returning WWII servicemen, University House’s ve blocks house 107 men in single rooms. Situated o Rhodes Avenue opposite Mostert’s Mill, the residence is within easy walking distance of the Upper Campus. It is adjacent to the astroturf hockey pitch and a small gym.



Varietas is situated between University House and Forest Hill, and close to Mowbray shops and transport. The view of Devil’s Peak with zebra and wildebeest grazing on the slopes is quite unique. 146 students are housed in 2- or 3-bedroom ats, and meals are eaten at University House.


Map of UCT residences
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Get Rezzy, with The Fountain Rez ⛲️

Getting Started On Your UCT Res Journey 🙌

Getting Started On Your UCT Res Journey 🙌