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DigsConnect Top 5 Tips to Finding Accommodation in Cape TownπŸ“

DigsConnect Top 5 Tips to Finding Accommodation in Cape TownπŸ“

I guess it should come as no surprise to us that we, a student accommodation platform, are constantly asked by students for our tips in finding in the perfect student accommodation rental. 

We though that we would put together our 'top 5 tips' to finding the perfect rental property (and the questions to ask!).

1. Start looking early (but don't lose hope!)

Our biggest tip to finding the perfect place is to start the search early. In fact, we have students who have signed leases and paid deposits in July for properties they are moving into in January. What most students don't know is that according to most lease agreements tenants are required to give 3 months notice before moving out or renewing their lease.

What does this mean? It means that properties available from December/January  will be advertised as early as the September. 

Our tip? Start looking early. But don't get desperate. Keep searching until the perfect property comes up.


2. The more areas you look in, the more choice you have!

So many students search day in and day out in Rondebosch only. That limits your search to only the most contested (and expensive) listings, which are snapped up in hours. Don't have a car? Have a look at properties in Claremont, within walking distance to the Jammie. There are some seriously stunning places going for a bargain! 

Have a car of your own? Why not look at Wynberg Upper or Kenilworth, where you can get brilliant deals for stunning properties. These properties also tend to have more parking available! 


3. Don't write off unfurnished properties

We have found that some places that are labeled as "unfurnished" often have the big ticket items included such as washing machines, dishwashers, fridges etc. 

Take a look at Cash Crusaders for the other items like a bed or couch and you'll see that it ain't so bad! Three years ago I bought a double bed sleeper couch at Cash Crusaders in Wynberg for R350, which has lasted me to this day!

Sometimes you need to do the maths, and see if you could find a cheaper property and spend the difference buying furniture (that you could own for life)! Granted my couch is pretty crusty, so here's to hoping it's not going to be one of those 'for life' items. 


4. Don't get scammed

We cannot stress this enough. One of the hardest parts of our job at DigsConnect is chatting to students who have been scammed by landlords posting on classified sites. You would be shocked at just how many students are scammed.

Make sure you view a place before you sign a lease.

We do our very best to verify properties on DigsConnect - but always make sure you look out for the verified tick below a listing to make sure that the property has been verified by us.


5. DigsConnect is your friend!

Of course, it goes without saying. DigsConnect is a free online student accommodation platform with hundreds of listings around Cape Town (and South Africa). Visit the site, and message landlords directly. Always view the property before you sign! 



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