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An Introvert’s Guide To Making Friends In Cape Town 🤗

An Introvert’s Guide To Making Friends In Cape Town 🤗

Making friends in a city as big and busy as Cape Town is daunting - especially if you're an introvert. Being an introvert, and having moved here recently, I have had no trouble making friends because the people here are friendly and welcoming. I hope that, with these tips in hand, you will have no trouble making friends. 

1. 20 seconds of courage

20 seconds of courage

This is a trick I used whenever I had to talk to people. Following the rule is simple: all you do is talk to whomever you have to for a minimum of 20 seconds. It seems stupid but, believe me, it works. Once you have the courage to speak for 20 seconds, you realise that your fear of talking to people was only in your head. And you end up talking for longer than 20 seconds. 


2. Take the first step


A great opening line is to compliment someone (and definitely ask for their name). Make your compliments genuine, and about something that isn't superficial. For further conversation, ask the person questions about themselves. Listen to them as they speak, this will help you remember things that you can use in later conversations, and ALWAYS refer to them by name, this helps create an instant bond.



3. Step out of your comfort zone

For an introvert, I wouldn't suggest that you go scouting for friends at clubs - this may be overwhelming. Rather, find events that interest you, where you will meet people with similar interests. My favourite place to meet people in Cape Town is at 'First Thursdays' events. Visit https://first-thursdays.co.za/cape-town/ to find out about the gallery exhibitions and cultural events that take place. I would recommend this if you're looking to meet new, interesting people. 

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