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5 Oldest People To Get A Degree 🤯

5 Oldest People To Get A Degree 🤯

The thought of graduating in my 90s makes me cringe, but it has been done and, even though I don’t want to graduate that late in life, I am inspired to eventually finish what I started no matter how long it takes. Imagine being 94 and graduating.

Well, imagine being…


5. Amy Craton (94) – 2017

This Southern New Hampshire University graduate received her BA (Creative Writing and English) degree in the comfort of her home in Hawaii. After leaving university to raise her children, Granny Amy eventually returned and has graduated – 54 years later.


4. Nola Ochs (95) – 2007

In 2007, the late Nola Ochs was recognised by Guinness World Records as the oldest graduate in history. At 98, she received her Master’s degree and passed on in December 2016. May her perseverance live within us.


3. Alfonso Gonzales (96) – 2016

World War II veteran and the first member of his family to attend a tertiary institution, the late Alfonso Gonzales received his BSc (Zoology) from the University of Southern California approximately 7 months before his death.


2. Twila Boston (98) – 2012

Almost at 99, the late Twila Boston graduated at the Utah State University with a degree in American Studies. She was a registered nurse, but after starting to take classes at USU, she eventually decided to finish and get a degree.


1. Leo Plass (99) – 2011

The late Leo Plass left university one semester away from his degree for greener pastures: he got a job offer with a salary that he couldn’t let pass (what a clever man). A few decades later, he finally got to graduate with his degree at Eastern Oregon University.

“It’s never too late,” sings Kylie Minogue. It has been proven. It’s truly never too late.

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