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The Best Student Jobs In Cape Town 💸

The Best Student Jobs In Cape Town 💸

Here are 12 sick student jobs in Cape Town. Post any others that you have/can think of in the comments!

1. Promotions
Doing promotions for companies is an easy and super simple way to make extra cash. You usually get paid hourly and you can decide when you want to work, which means you remain in control of your time and income.

2. Tutoring
From second year onwards you can tutor courses at varsity. You obviously have to be in good academic standing and great at time management. Tutoring at varsity means you can easily incorporate it into your busy schedule. If you’re in first year you can tutor high school students and still rake in the dough.

3. Au-pairing
If you like kids then this is for you. Being an au-pair is very lucrative. It’s great for students who have the afternoons free. You need to have a driver’s licence for this because you mainly drop and pick up children from school and extra mural activities.

4. Butler’s Pizza delivery
I don’t know if it gets more student than this. All you need to do is drive around and deliver pizza. You need only work three nights a week, and they might cover your petrol. How awesome?

5. Waitressing
Ok, I lied. It doesn’t get more student than waitressing. Waitressing is great because on top of your salary, you also get to collect tips. Restaurants are different but generally you can make this work around your school timetable during the week or work only weekends.

6. Retail
This is another way to work around your school schedule. Work from after class or weekends only. A great perk is that employee discount!

7. Freelancing
If you’re a writer, graphic or web designer, video editor and the like, you can hone your skills on the side while you’re at school. Freelancing is great for students because it doesn’t hold you down like a permanent job.

8. Working for your university
Varsities have plenty opportunities for students to earn extra cash. In addition to tutoring, you can work as a library or lab assistant, orientation leader (for incoming students), or do data capturing during registration. Students in residences have plenty of opportunities as front desk assistants or assisting in the dining hall or being a sub-warden for the residence.

9. Coaching at high schools
If you have a background in a particular sport, or extra mural activity, you can lend your services to high schools. Whether it’s basketball, netball, hockey or chess, debating and public speaking, high schools are the perfect place to impart your knowledge. The only thing is, you have to have good mileage on your record like either playing provincially or nationally.

10. Life guard, surfing instructor
Since we’re on the subject of sports, Cape Town is really the best place to earn money while having fun. If the ocean is your thing (and it should be if you’re in Cape Town) then have fun in the sun and get paid for it!

11. House sitting/dog walking
This is usually a holiday job, where you take care of people’s house while they jet-set. It’s great because you have all the time in the world during holidays so it doesn’t have to interfere with your schoolwork.

12. Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship may be the most challenging, but it’s probably best to get a head start while you have the protection of school. If you have a great, marketable idea and the will to make it work, you can definitely try entrepreneurship. It isn’t likely that you’ll be making money as soon as you start, but in the long run, you’ll definitely be smiling all the way to the bank.

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