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Digsmates from Hell

Digsmates from Hell

Living with another person has its challenges. Chores need to be delegated, food is either shared or coveted, and being around another person who may be a complete stranger is an adjustment in and of itself. Having had a roommate, I can vouch that while it teaches you responsibility and how to get along with others, it can also go sour for a number of reasons. Users took to Reddit and asked whether anyone had horror stories from having a roommate, and the internet responded. Here are some of the best (worst) stories I found.

1. The Harry Potter e-Book

Reddit user chlowoah describes a situation her cousin found herself in:
“(My cousin) had a roommate her first year at varisty that had to listen to Harry Potter book one on tape every single night to fall asleep”. 

The roommate apparently couldn’t wear headphones because they hurt her ears, and listened to it . The worst part? The roommate had never read any of the books or watched any of the movies, and restarted the e-book from the start every night. 

“As far as my cousin knows, she never even finished the first book because she’d fall asleep every time she started it.” Yikes.


2. The Backstreet Boys Super Fan

Speaking of being kept up at night, user throwitawayforonce tell the tale of their roommate who would sing Cher or Backstreet Boys after coming home from working. The roommate would apparently sometimes sing early into the morning, keeping their roommate up. One night, our Reddit user had had enough and decided to confront the “passionate” songstress, only to find that the roommate’s lights were all off. When our user knocked on the door, the singing stopped and a very confused roommate answered the door. She had no recollection of the singing the next day. 

“It suddenly occurred to me that she was singing in her sleep. Every night. So how could I expect her to not sing in her sleep.”

OP is more patient than most, I’d say.


3. The Home Fire Starter

Username_errors came home one day to find his kitchen enveloped in smoke. His roommate had left a pizza in the oven and then passed out, drunk. Nobody was hurt, but the same could not be said for the pizza… 

“He lived through the smoke but everything I owned including all my furniture and property reeked of putrid smoke for 3 weeks.”


4. The Salmonella Incident


This story was short and sweet: 

“Is that a raw chicken breast on the tap in the bathroom?” 
- One of my roommates on seeing a raw chicken breast left on the bathroom tap by my other roommate.


5. The Eggs-citing Cooking Experience

User katdawg14 describes her roommate as being helpless without her parents, with no knowledge of how to cook for herself. While most of us get around not knowing how to cook with Google or asking a friend, OP’s roommate decided to figure it out herself. 

“One day I came back from class, and after getting out of the elevator there was a horrible smell. I actually laughed and thought, sucks to be the person who has to deal with that.” 

I think we know how that turned out… 

“My roommate left eggs boiling for two hours until they exploded… She didn’t even clean it up right away! There were chunks of eggs all over the kitchen for two days.”


6. The Ham-burglers

One user had two roommates who would steal food from their cupboard. The two food thieves would steal peanut butter and other items of food, so OP devised a plan to get revenge. Doughnuts and other fatty foods were left as bait and laxatives were added to the peanut butter. 

“The, one day, they started complaining about how they couldn’t fit in their jeans. Success.”


7. Don’t Mess with my Pudding


Chillybomb recalls one roommate who had gone out and come home very drunk. The roommate then accused OP of eating her pudding while she was out, pudding OP says the roommate ate before she left. When OP was asleep, the roommate decided to get her revenge by stabbing OP in the arm with a clicky pen. 

“I had to go to the hospital to get it cleaned/stitched. She got kicked out.”


8. Disciplinary Action

This one is not necessarily a bad roommate, but still an awkward roommate encounter. Reddit user iaccidentlytheworld describes how his roommate was busy with a paper and hadn’t had time to pack to go home for vacation. As OP was leaving for a test, the roommates parents came over to fetch him, only to find he had not packed to leave yet. OP left as things got tense and returned twenty minutes later, walking in on his roommate being spanked on the bare bottom by his parents. 

“I never brought it up with him after that.”


Living with people is tricky, especially when your roommate was blessed with a bit of crazy. You never know what your experience with a new roommate will be, but it’s just a hit or miss part of life that most of us go through until we find The One.

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