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After Graduation - A story of hope

After Graduation - A story of hope

“Ah crap!”. My daily alarm buzzes, and reality once again hits. I was told by teachers thoughout my school career that if I do what I love I will wake up every morning with smile on my face and a skip in my step.

I’m a little flamboyant – so the skip I give to them. The smile? Not every day! We are tricked into believing that every day is going to be easy. It isn’t.

I recently started my own company and I LOVE what I do. I get to feel like I’m properly adulating every day! I get ot be my own boss, and best of all I get to make “I’ll have to ask my boss for permission” dad jokes. My friends laughed the first time. Now I think I’m just fucking annoying.

But the funny thing is, even though I genuinely love every moment that I am at work – there are some really shitty moment! Getting paid is often a drag – as it is for 90% of entrepreneurs – and sometimes meetings unnecessarily drag on. So I’m going to be real with you – we all have those days!

But I guess “the trick is knowing when to pull out” and a friend very niavely said, not realizing a thing, despite my giggling. It is the truth though. Am I doing the right thing? Am I wasting away my twenties?

For me, the fact that I get to my office every morning and can’t wait to get stuck into my work and I love our employees and the work that they do shows me that I am exactly where I need to be. Right now. Are there tough days? HELL YES! But the good ones are far more frequent. And loving what I do pulls me through the tough days.

Friends of mine that are students, and still go out every night, are also exactly where they need to be. They are loving life! They are happy! And many of them know exactly where they are going in the next few years. And if they don’t, which is the case for many, who cares!? They will work it out – and knowing them – I know they will be SUPER successful!

At the end of the day it is comparison that kills our joy. JUST DO YOU! Wherever you are right now you need to ask if you are happy. If you don’t know – then ask yourself if the good days outweigh the bad? If your answer is YES, then you just keep doing you! You’re doing incredibly!

If your answer is no, then you need to do some thinking. Ask yourself how you can get your good days to outweigh the bad. Whatever that looks like for you!

We all want to be happy. But it is your responsibility alone to ask yourself if you are happy – and to make a change if you aren’t! Only you can change this. But remember that not every day is easy – FOR ANYONE! The goal is for your good days to be more frequent than your bad.

Remember to keep doing you. It’s okay to have bad days – or bad months! Also, change your alarm tone. Mine is fucking annoying and it managed to wake me up (and piss me off) every morning. It’s gotta go.

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