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10 Ultimate Hipster Names 🛹

10 Ultimate Hipster Names 🛹

Cape Townians across the peninsular can rejoice and give thanks to Dr. Sara Uckelman and co at Durham University for creating a website with the sole intention of listing medieval names, which features gems such as "Rustic" and "Theodoric". 

Anyways, sit back in your vintage chairs, pull those beanies snug over your heads and prepare to receive some inspiration befitting your artisanal totally-original self.

Thought provoking and beard-stroking, to be sure!

1. "Alfward" 

m. Old English ælf 'elf' + Old English weald 'power'.

I can just see him buying organic produce at the Oranjezicht City Market.


2. "Puglith" 

f. Early Modern English. Translates to 'Obscure'.

Now that’s a name for a girl with bangs and a weakness for typewriters and French foreign films! Quaint.


3. "Urban" 

m. Latin urbanus 'of the city; courteous; witty, urbane'.

It’s meant to be ironic, of course. It’s fine, you probably don’t understand anyways.


4. "Nicephorus" 

m. Greek νίκη 'victory' + φόρος 'victory'.

Nicholas is way too mainstream. Rather go with Nicephorus. With a name like this, he’ll be wearing flannel from day one!


5. "Heidentrude" 

f. Proto-Germanic *þrūþ 'strength' or Proto-Germanic *trut 'maiden'.

She only drinks French Press Free Trade Organic Single Origin Coffee. In a bespoke copper mug handmade in Papua New Guinea. 


6. "Zwentibold" 

The name of two 9th C rulers of Moravia, a 9th C king of Lotharingia and saint, two 11th C grand princes of Kiev, and a 12th C duke of Bohemia.

This name loosely translates to “Taker of Polaroid Photos”.


7. "Suspecta" 

f. Latin suspecta 'suspected, mistrusted; of doubtful character'.

She agrees that everything DOES sound better on a record player.


8. "Haelwaloe" 

m. Old Breton hael 'generous, noble' + Old Breton uuallon, Old Welsh uualaun, uualon 'valorous'.

A fantastic name that will teach your kid to spell and endure bullying. Great life skills in general.


9. "Wes Andersonian" 

Jks that’s not a real medieval name. But feel free to steal it anyways, it’s definitely the most original thing to do. 


10. "Otmund" 

m. Old High German ōt, Old Saxon ōd 'wealth, riches' + Old Saxon mund, Old High German munt 'hand, protection'.

A star ukelele player and Bree Street frequenter (Arcade, anyone?)


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